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Faulty Faith or Great Faith – Advent reflections from Luke

still waiting…

I’ve often wondered why Luke devotes so much precious space of his gospel to the parents of John the Baptist.  While I’ve seen a few theories, most aren’t satisfactory.  The best (and most likely) ones play off the parallel with a barren Hannah and her son Samuel, the last of the judges before the kings and eventual kingmaker to David.  Whatever the reason, I’m convinced that there must be a purpose beyond incidental detail.  If nothing else, there ought to be something we can take/learn from the brief biographies that are included.

I think Zacharias often gets a bad rap for finding Gabriel’s announcement to be a bit much to swallow (1:13-18).  First, both he and his wife, Elizabeth, are very old(1:7,18).  The likely inference being that age had made conception a biological impossibility (menopause is past, and the little blue pill hasn’t been invented yet).  Secondly, after years (perhaps decades) of trying to conceive – only to be disappointed month after month – to risk hope once again was more than Zacharias could bear (let alone subject his wife to).  The reality is, faced with the same situation, there’s not a man I know who would have retained his voice – well maybe one or two, but my opinion of them is not very high (pig-headed fool(s) is the term that comes to mind).  Rather, I think this passage describes a couple of extaordinary faithfulness. Continue reading Faulty Faith or Great Faith – Advent reflections from Luke