Upcoming Blog Themes

As we have finished our fall focus on Romans at the church, I will be picking up some other themes on the blog.  For those of you wanting more on Romans, fear not, I will continue the conversation (if only with myself) for the foreseeable future.  However, as the pulpit focus for our Sunday services has moved to Matthew up through the Easter season I will begin to devote more time to Matthean themes.  Also, please note that most of the Matthean blogs will likely take on a somewhat different theme.  If my reflections on Romans have seemed too “inside baseball,” you will likely find the the material on Matthew a bit more engaging (but hopefully still as thought provoking).  As I’m working up blog entries for Matthew, I’m republishing slightly reworked entries from the early chapters of Luke for this Advent season.  God bless as you enter the Christmas season and the coming new year.

Pastor Jim Kusher


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