pastor Jim Kushner

Trenton Assembly of God is a welcoming community of Christians in the Down River Detroit area who are committed to knowing and following the God of the Bible as revealed through Jesus.  As such we are committed to encouraging one another in our pursuit of God as we navigate the realities of life, and to making the love of God real to the greater world around us.

Our church meets at 249 Cherry St. in Trenton, MI (on the corner of 3rd St. and Cherry St., just off West Jefferson) and has been part of the Trenton community for over 40 years.

Pastor Jim and his family arrived at the church in mid August, 2008.  Pastor Jim brings pastoral experience from a small college town in northen New York.  He also served as a campus pastor at the University of Michigan for almost 10 years.  He’s been married to his wife, Anne, since 1990 and has four children.

Our church home at the corner of Third & Cherry
Our church at the corner of Third & Cherry

Church contact information:
249 Cherry St., Trenton, MI 48183

Church schedule of services:
9:30 AM – Adult Bible Study & Kids Ministry Clubs (Sunday School)
11 AM – Worship Service
7 PM – Youth Night & Family Fellowship
7:30 PM – Men’s and Women’s meetings (alternate weeks)

  1. Adult Bible Study:
    Come join the gang!
    Come join the gang!

    An adult (with teens) interactive Bible study.  Classes frequently work through a particular book of the Bible and are designed to give participants a basic understanding of what the Bible is saying in a particular book, how it connects with the rest of Scripture and how it impacts our daily lives.

  2. Worship Service:
    Service begins with a time of praise and adoration of God through song and prayer.  Time is sometimes given to lift up one another in prayer.  After tending to various house keeping details(announcements, offering, monthly communion, various special occassions – like baby dedications) the pastor or a guest speaker will bring a message.  Typically, the pastor will base his message from a section of whatever book of the Bible the church is working through at the time and focus on how its themes connect to the Christian experience today and the greater issues of the day.
  3. Youth Night & Family Fellowship:
    The Youth (middle school and above) engage with one another and caring, supportive adults as they learn to apply the wisdom of God’s Word to the new challenges they are facing and explore creative ways of communicating the truth of God’s Word.  The family fellowship time is an informal gathering in the church fellowship hall.  Members enjoy conversation together, play games, share concerns, advice, prayers and generally enjoy engaging with their church as they would engage their family.
  4. Men’s and Women’s Nights:
    The men and/or women gather at the church on alternating Fridays (ie, Dec 5 – men, Dec 12 – women, Dec 19 – men, etc.).  Meetings are informal and provide a chance to get to know one another.  Typically there is a short time of worship and prayer, and an encouragement from Scripture.  Usually there are opportunities to share both victories and struggles in our Christian walk.  These are the most relational meetings we have and they provide a great opportunity for connection in the church.  The men and women frequently go out for a small snack after the meeting.

a Christian community of faith, hope, and love